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Feel free to...

Let your kids play. Your Mardegan Legno floor has been finished with non-toxic treatments, respecting wood and those who live in contact with it.
Let your kids have fun. Feel secure as you watch them growing up free.

The security of a certified choice

Invite your guests

For drinks or dinner with friends, invite your guests home and share with them the exclusive habitat you have chosen to live in. The EN 13442:2013 test of resistance to chemical agents, carried out on our surfaces, has demonstrated the resistance of Mordegan Legno's floors and wall linings to a series of chemical substances. The more than positive results they obtained testify to the security and the guarantees of our surfaces.

Walk on high heels

Don't give up elegance, style and femininity. With the right care, your Mardegan Legno floor will maintain its beauty over time. Our floors have passed the EN 15186:2012 test of resistance to scratching and the UNI 15185:2011 test of resistance to abrasion on our floors, so that we can guarantee you the peace of mind ensured by a long lasting surface, one to be enjoyed.

Yes, wood in the bathroom too

Choose a wooden floor for your bathroom. With a few minor precautions and thanks to the treatments we gave the surface, the wood in your bathroom is safe and protected.

Temperature fluctuations

UNI 9429:2015 test of resistance to temperature fluctuations.
To test its resistance to cracks, shrinkage and loss of colour, the board is exposed alternately to very high and very low temperatures.

Looking after your floor

In contemporary interior design, parquet is an essential element in the design of an environment.
Just as with other interior design elements, maintenance is very important. To preserve the beauty of the floor, the microclimate of the environment must be maintained between 16°- 25°C with humidity between 45% and 60%. This equilibrium between temperature and humidity guarantees a healthy environment and allows the parquet to keep its qualities unaltered.

Ordinary cleaning


Before each wash, we advise you to remove the dust using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush for parquet or an electrostatic duster.
Subsequently you can wash the floor using Palladio mild soap if it's a painted floor and Tintoretto mild soap if it’s an oiled or waxed floor. Wipe it several times with a well-squeezed rag, without rinsing it, until you are happy with the result.


Products for cleaning parquet

Food and drinks stains

You were cooking and you absentmindedly split some sauce on the floor? You were offering someone an aperitif and split some wine? Never fear! Your wooden floor is perfectly safe!
Take a soft cloth, wet it with the specific product and wipe the floor with it until you are happy with the result.


Parquet care products

Drops of water on the wood

Don't worry is you wet the floor getting out of the bathtub or the shower or if a bar of soap falls on it. With a few minor precautions and thanks to the treatments we carried out on the surface, the wood is safe and protected. All you need to do is to dry it with a soft cloth. Otherwise, clean it in the normal way so that any soap residue is removed as well.


Parquet care products

Special cleaning

Painted floors

If, after years of use, your floor looks dull or worn, we advise you to use Vivaldi reviving wax.Thanks to its composition, it will nourish and protect your floor, preserving its natural beauty.


Mild soap for painted wood floors

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Reviving wax for
Painted wood floors.

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Oiled and waxed floors

Floors with oil-wax finishes must be treated periodically using a specific maintenance solution: Tiziano, which thanks to its composition guarantees that the wood surface will be water-repellent and stain-resistant.


Mild soap for
oiled or waxed floors.

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Oil-wax for the maintenance
of oil-waxed floors.

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Maintenance of Antichi Sapori

Floors from the “Antichi Sapori” collection do not need any treatment immediately after they have been laid, however they do require professional maintenance every 6-18 months, according to the condition of the floor.

Maintenance of Harmony & Nature

Floors from the “Harmony&Nature” collection, which are oil-finished, need a coat of surface protection as soon as they are laid. This treatment, carried out immediately after laying the floor, subsequently requires periodic maintenance and nourishment, according to the condition of the floor.

To better preserve your floor

Avoid placing heavy weights on small areas of the parquet.Avoid covering the floor with carpets or the like during the initial period.Dropping sharp or pointy objects on the floor will cause scratches and dents.Pets walking on the floor will cause ruts, scratches and the formations of stains and smears. When using wheeled objects or furniture, make sure that the wheels are made of rubber suitable for parquet floors, or else use special protective mats.Falling embers or open flames will leave burn marks on the floor.


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